Click on the search link below to search by any combination of paper title, author, meeting number and year through the complete 40+ year history of MFPT proceedings (some 2000 papers). Type in a word or phrase from a paper title and/or type in the name of one of the authors (and/or the year and and/or meeting number) and hit ‘Submit Query’. The results are listed in chronological (meeting) order. We aim to add abstracts in due course.


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a PDF of the complete 46 year listing of paper title and author of MFPG/MFPT proceedings by meeting, year, and session (215-page, 600 kB, searchable PDF document)






Paper Abstracts from:
MFPT 62 – Paper Abstracts
MFPT 2009 – Paper Abstracts
MFPT 2010 – Paper Abstracts
MFPT 2011 – Paper Abstracts
MFPT 2012 – Paper Abstracts
MFPT 2013 – Paper Abstracts
MFPT 2014 – Paper Abstracts 
MFPT 2015 – Paper Abstracts
MFPT Last 9 years – Paper Abstracts