Focus Groups

Please join one of our Focus Groups – contact the relevant chair…


Sensors Technology
: Open

Data Management
Chair: Preston Johnson

Signal Analysis
Chair: Suri Ganeriwala

Failure Analysis
Chair: Demetrios Tzelepis


Diagnostics & Prognostics
Chair: James (Hoffy) Hofmeister

Systems Engineering
Chair: John Lucero

Human Systems Monitoring
Chair: Dr. Mark Derriso





Each Focus Group meets at least once a year and more often when required.  Provisions are made to form new Focus Groups as needed.  The Focus Groups assist in organizing the annual meetings and through their volunteer efforts perform tasks related to machinery failure prevention that include the following:

  • Responding to questions from members

  • Collecting, analyzing and disseminating technical information

  • Establishing terminology, criteria and terms of reference

  • Identifying technical problems that need solutions

  • Providing advisory recommendations and technical expertise

  • Encouraging appropriate research and development

  • Maintaining awareness of all significant current work

  • Establishing effective information networking