Diagnostics & Prognostics


The D&PFG shall provide a forum to foster professional collaboration in the practice and technology of Prognostics and Health Management (PHM). The D&PFG Goals and Objectives shall be consistent with the MFPT Structure and Mission. The D&PFG will provide and entry point for members new to the field of PHM and a forum for experienced professionals to collaborate on the most pressing problems. D&PFG will encourage the use of standards and the application of PHM techniques across multiple domains.

Goals and Objectives:

The MFPT D&PFG is a group of professionals working to advance the field of PHM by collaborating on technical issues and sharing relevant industry information. Some of the D&PFG focus areas are:

  • Mechanical and electronic PHM
  • Prognostic methods and technology
  • PHM Standards
  • PHM case studies


Current Activities:

  • LinkedIn Group supporting online collaboration
  • Regular contributions to the MFPT Newsletter
  • Promote Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) related technical papers for MFPT annual conference



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