Author Guidelines

Guidelines for Preparation of Papers and Presentations for Proceedings


The paper that will appear in the MFPT Proceedings must be submitted in the form of a finished, spell-checked, correctly formatted PDF prepared by the author.

Papers will normally be of the order of 10 pages in length, but should not exceed 20 pages. The paper must be formatted for 8-1/2 x 11 inch US Letter paper with 1.25 inch left and right margins and 1.0 inch margins at the top and bottom. It is essential that all authors stick to this format, because it will ensure uniformity with the finished proceedings; in particular, please do not include any headers or footers (other than page numbers) and ensure that no tables, diagrams, notes, etc infringe any of the margins. Please use 12 point Times New Roman font throughout.



We assume that you will use an electronic PowerPoint (or Adobe PDF) format to present your paper at the Conference and you will be asked to upload your file to our Dropbox account prior to the Conference (and we will send you instructions on how to to this in due course). Your presentation will be included in the electronic proceedings along with your paper (if applicable).

At the Conference, each session room will have computer projectors connected to laptops with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and Adobe Reader installed on them. In the Conference program you will be allocated a strict 30 minute slot to present your work; we suggest you allow 20-25 minutes to present and reserve the final 5-10 minutes to answer questions.

Using the MFPT 2018 presentation template is recommended but not required. If you need assistance using the template please contact Susan.


Subject to statutory copyright law, when you submit your paper to MFPT for publication in the conference proceedings, you are implicitly transferring copyright of the paper to MFPT so that they alone may offer copies of your paper, and the proceedings of which it is a part, for sale to interested parties, or offer them for publication in the MFPT newsletter or other technical journals. If you or anyone else wishes to publish, copy, or distribute your paper or part of it in any form they should ask MFPT Headquarters for permission. MFPT does not have copyright of the work or data that went into the paper, just the version of the paper that you submitted. You are therefore free to publish a related or updated paper based on the same work and data elsewhere in future.

Please Also Note the Following

We respectfully request that you ensure your paper and presentation have a technical, rather than a company promotional, flavor, and that you keep the use of company logos and trademarks to a minimum.

You are responsible for obtaining any required releases for presentation and publication of your paper.

Please contact to Susan Berkelbach (215-346-2870 ) if you have any questions.