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Conference Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to say that we have some outstanding names to fill the bill as kleynote speaskers for MFPT 2016 and ISA's 62nd IIS.

Peter Lake is the Chief Mechanic at Boeing Commercial Airplanes with the responsibility of providing airline maintenance expertise for product development programs as well as in service aircraft.  He is currently working on Boeing’s newest version of the 737, the MAX. Peter has also worked as a Systems Engineering Analyst for Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T) developing web based tools for analyzing aircraft maintenance records. His work in BR&T has yielded five patents from the United States Patent Office.  Prior to his employment with Boeing, Peter worked for 15 years at United Airlines as a licensed Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic and Aircraft Electronics Technician, so he’s a perfect person to provide an end-user's perspective.
  Prof Jay Lee at the University of Cincinnati has led a 15-year Intelligent Maintenance Systems initiative to develop a whole slew of failure prevention solutions for Industry.  He will share those solutions, and how they have been implemented by end users.  He will also touch on his next new 15-year initiative, cyber security; after all, “cyber” is a critical domain that we don’t want to “fail” on us.  So, this broadens the scope of failure prevention to inanimate tools of which our modern world is making increased use. 
  Mr Jim Netzel was the Chief Engineer of John Crane Seals for many years.  The title of Jim's talk is "Mechanical Seal Reliability Problems, Their Diagnosis, and Elimination".  The focus will be on machinery end users and their suppliers, laying out the problems that have been chronic, and both existing and new technologies that catch these problems in their early stages, when fixes are easier and less costly. 
  Dr Mark Derriso is from the Human Effectiveness Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory. As Technical Advisor in the Warfighter Interface Division, he is leading efforts to initiate human monitoring.  Prior to this appointment he was a leader and originator of Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM) for aircraft.  His vision is that the human is also a “machine” (albeit complex and with emotions) and that we should make use of the tools that were actively developed when he worked in the Aircraft Structures Division of the Aerospace Systems Directorate and apply them to humans.  
  LTC Mason Rice (US Army) is a professor at the Air Force Institute of Technology.  He is currently heading up a research program to develop methods to train others to protect SCADA systems and is leading AFIT's efforts to construct a life-size cyber-physical training facility on an Indiana National Guard Installation.  Prior to AFIT, he served as the Chief Engineer and Component Commander within the White House Communications Agency, and as a senior Cyber Security Engineer at the National Security Agency.  The title of his talk is "Cyber-Physical System Security".
  Sixth speaker, to be confirmed

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